Man Hammers Woman’s Puppy To Death Because Puppy Urinated & Defecated Indoors

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office is looking for the man who allegedly killed a woman’s 6-month-old puppy by hitting him repeatedly in the head with a roofing hammer. The woman later reported the incident, and has cited the name of the culprit as 32-year-old Brandon Shearer.  

Brandon was apparently mad at the puppy for urinating and defecating inside the house. He lost it and dragged the puppy outside. The puppy screamed in pain as Brandon thrashed him with blunt blows from the roofing hammer. The poor puppy later succumbed to his injuries and died. Let’s help bring justice to the puppy. Spread the word and help the cops find Brandon.


Update: After tireless investigations, the cops have arrested Brandon and slapped him with charges of animal abuse and charged with mistreatment of animals causing death, disorderly conduct, domestic abuse and theft of movable property. Brandon admitted to killing the dog and took the cops to the location of the deceased dog.

Initially, Brandon was released on a cash bond of $2000. The judge later sentenced him to 9 months in prison and 4 years of probation. He is also required to comply with several conditions set by the judge, which includes undergoing anger management counseling and maintaining “absolute sobriety”. Do share with us your thoughts on the judgment.